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yes, yes, yes...I am bad mod!

Stuff heppened...I forgot...I we are better late then never!

Thanks you everyone that entered and I hope many more of you will participate in voting...

The Nominees for Caption Contest Week 1 are...

1- "Well, Radek... for starters, you forgot to include a bleach dispenser!"

2- "I propose we use this device to gain extra power for the city. Simply have marines or other air...people who need some exercise climb in side and use it as a tred mill!"

3-  St. Rodney of Atlantis -- patron of screwed scientists everywhere

4- "Can you believe it? Thirty loads of laundry done in five minutes. It even gets out week-old coffee stains."..."What?"..."Yes. Yes. This is Colonel Sheppard's jacket. And that's any of your business how?!?! Could we PLEASE get back to the ancient washing machine?"...."Ok, that's IT!! Next idiot who calls me Sheppard's girlfriend goes into the washer with my socks!"
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