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I made sure to check the User Info to see if this was allowed first and didn’t see anything that seemed to say it wasn’t. If I misread something please delete this post.

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A Dog's Breakfast

I am thinking of hiring the Broadway cinema in Nottingham for a screening of A Dog's Breakfast. This isn't that crazy an idea, as I think it could be a really fun event.

The hire of the cinema costs £150. That includes 30 tickets. So if I can get 30 people we can hire the cinema for only £5 each, which is about the normal cost of a cinema ticket anyway! Anybody in addiction to those 30 would then pay the normal cinema price for a ticket, £5.50 for adults, £4.50 concessions.

The film would be shown on a Sunday afternoon. I am not sure when yet, it'll be when the film is available in print, probably after Christmas.

Nottingham would be a good location. Close to several large cities: Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham, Derby. It also has direct trains to and from London that can cost as little as £6.

And you know it doesn't have to end with the movie, the cinema has a very nice cafe bar as well :)

If your interested let me know. Once I get 35 people (in case some people can't make it once the date is set) I will start the ball rolling properly.
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Hi there! I just want to let you know I posted some new David icons

@ my journal

They were made for a new community, dh_icontest for all of us who are Hewlett obsessed :)

If you haven't been over there, take a look, join, make icons, and vote!!

Thanks :)
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