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The Temple of The Hewlett

In The Geek Who Made It We Trust

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Comm Info

This is a community dedicated to the full apreciation of David Hewlett, and the worship of him as a God. The Supreme Geek Lord God, in fact, the highest deity there is. No matter what the mcgillionites might say. It's not to be taken overly seriously, and Hewlettarianism isn't an attempt to be a real religion, and nor do we take it that way.

We first came up with this idea at the Pegasus One convention, when we deemed The Hewlett a god, and resolved to wear T-Shirts proclaiming this should he attend Pegasus Two. From there on in we gave this sect a title, Hewlittarian.

We are fans of David Hewlett, The Geek Who Made It, and even the local athiest agrees that the man is as akin to god as anything will ever be. He is our supreme Lord Deity, worthy of worship and much bowing.

We are, in fact, a sub-community of sg_origin_app, a group set up to appreciate the various actors of the Stargate Atlantis world, in a some what similar fassion to here. More details are on that community's userinfo. You should be a member of both this community and that one, as they're part of the same set up. This community is on aproved membership, so if you haven't contacted one of the mods already, it would be a good idea to join sg_origin_app first, so we know who you are.

Import Notices

The mcgillionites have declared war upon us, claiming that Paul McGillion is the One True Surpreme Deity, and status as a reveared and most holy saint is not enough. Thus, any members of both communities will be viewed with much suspicion. This includes the founder of The McGillionites.

Feel free to wage war with fan works and art, for we shall prevale and reign supreme!

08-March-2006: A battle broke out between High Priestess CJ of the mcgillionites and High Priestess Neth of our own community. In it, many grapes and bananas were thrown, petted and deep throated in an attempt to both defeat and distract the other. They called a temporary truce to fight the common enemy, the High Preistess Summer of the flaniganians. Much technology was used, including asguard transporters, ancient shielding and simple sling shots. After each member was soaked through with fruit, High Preistess surrendered, and retreated to her Temple of Flannigan to continue with her duties. Victory was ours!


The Commandments

01 - Thou shalt not bash.
02 - Thou shalt remember the difference between actor and character.
03 - Thou shalt respect others, even though they may dissagree.
04 - Thou shalt hold David Hewlett above all others, as the Supreme Deity, though there may be others.
05 - Thou shalt keep all that is long, large or many in number behind walls.
06 - Thou shalt have fun.
07 - Thou shalt not reveal our secrets to those of rival sects.
08 - Thou shalt honor thy moderators (For they may put on their bitch bonnets and ban your ass!)

The Rules Explained

Everyone is to respect other people, their views and their beliefs, no matter what. So, no bashing people just because they happen to make the mistake of believing McGillion the higher deity. Also, it's handy to keep perspective.

Another very, very, very, important thing is to keep the actors and the characters they portray seperate. Yes, David Hewlett is a geek, and yes we all love him for it, but he isn't Rodney McKay, he isn't Grant and he isn't a bloke who managed to hate away the world.

That said, this is a David Hewlett based community, his 'sect' of the larger community, sg_origin_app, so he comes first here. We're not saying do not speak of the other actors, we're not saying don't worship them after. We're a polytheistic bunch. But, please keep Mr. Hewlett as the primary concern around here.

As is usual with communities, if you're going to post some text that's long, like a fiction or a rather large meta, then please put it behind a cut. Also, if you're doing an icon/graphics post, the just put the teaser before the cut so those with dial ups don't have to wait ages for their flists to download. That means, around three/four icons, then a cut. Thanks.

We're in a state of war with the mcgillionites which means that all posts should remain flocked, especially those in regards to the war. This said, keep it moderately friendly, no bashing allowed. That means, you can call them a bunch of grapes (their designated fruit), but no actual hostility. NO BASHING. We're bananas by the way, so if some one pops up to throw some at us, just throw grapes back. Unless it's one of the flaniganians, at which point you throw peaches.

Beyond that, it's just a general have fun, respect the mods, and also respect members of the High Council. Which, in case you don't know, are the moderators of sg_origin_app, the overall community.



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